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Welcome to By Pure Pleasure...

Relax. Repair. Rejuvenate.

Moisturise + Meditate...

with our homegrown natural solutions.

Naturally healing ingredients...

Mother Nature knows best and we take our cues from her.

Drift Away...

Relax into deep, restorative sleep

Fabulous Natural Products

Australian made with Australian ingredients.

Fabulous Natural Products

Modern life needs a natural, healing balance...

We are a family owned business that creates and manufactures our very own original products. Our range is Australian made with ethically sourced, natural ingredients. We've been helping Aussies feel fabulous since 2003 and are based at The Rocks Market, Sydney.

Natural Ingredients

Nature knows best. We use raw + pure ingredients that are totally VEGAN. 100% Essential Oils. Premium Soy Bean Wax. Himalayan + Dead Sea Salt.

Quality Results

If you've visited us at The Rocks Market in the last 15 years then you know we don't "sell". We demonstrate and let you FEEL the difference.

Eco-Friendly Products

What we leave out is as important as what we put in. No nasty chemicals. Minimal packaging. Cruelty free. Safe for our planet + safe for sensitive skin.

Release tension naturally ...get back to comfort.

Relieve muscular aches and boost circulation with a perfect blend of friction and absorption with lasting effects.

Repair cracked heels ...treat tired feet.

Love your skin and leave it refreshed, silky smooth and protected from moisture loss with our Rejuvenate Body Treatment.

Rejuvenate + Repair... for a fabulous fresh face.

Refresh your skin and protect from moisture loss as you exfoliate, cleanse, and tone... leaving you silky smooth and residue free.

Enrich + Escape...more than an Aromatherapy Candle.

Uniquely crafted with premium Soy Bean Wax & 100% Essential Oils these candles double as a warming massage oil.

Unwind + Indulge as you lather in luxury.

Delicately blended for the sensitive soul with skin to match. Enjoy the active aromatherapy benefits as you bathe.

Luscious Lips... for exotic trips.

Protect + heal. Show your lips some love with all natural nurturing in our 3 signature blends to invigorate, stimulate or just meditate.

We love our happy customers!

The pleasure is purely ours...

The crowd has spoken...and we invite you to leave a review once you try our Fabulous Natural Products.

We saw you many years ago and love your tension release oil!!!!! Really hits the spot.

Melinda C.

I visited your store yesterday at the rocks markets and was so impressed with your beautiful products.I have very sensitive skin and these are just what I love.


I have found your products to be very good at helping all my pain.

Joy M.

My mother has restless leg syndrome and this oil seems to help her with it. I bought it in Sydney when I was there last year.

Corene R.

Just love your Massage oil and the products I have ordered are gifts for my friends

Hasnah S.

I purchased two of the Drift Away candles and they are wonderful. My wife and I had a beautiful restful sleep . Compliments to you guys for having such beautiful products. We will be purchasing more. Thanks again.

Graham W.

We are here for you!

Chat with us... 1300 667 908

Please contact us with any + all product questions or enquiries. We are here to help...